Post-Graduate in Bengali: Click here for Details

Dr. Munmun Chatterjee 9830749399
Dr. Swapan Kumar Panda 9836441745


Admission Notification dt.  02.09.2019, View details.

PG classes for 2019-20 session will begin from 26.08.2019. All students are instructed to assemble in ROOM NO 4 at 9.00 AM on the said date.

  • Admission Notification dt. 26.08.2019 for 3rd Phase, View details
  • Admission Notification dated 13.08.19 for List of CandidatesView Details
  • Admission Notification dated 13.08.19 for 2nd Phase AdmissionView Details
  • Admission Notification dated 06.08.19 for List of candidates View Details
  • Admission Notification dated 06.08.19 for Admission Procedure, View Details

Post-Graduate in Zoology:

Dr. Kakali Sau 9433833312
Dr. Umashankar Paul 9830146127


  • Admission notification dated 17.08.2019, View Details
  • Admission notification dated 12.09.2019, View details
  • Commencement of PG Zoology 1st Semester Classes, View Details
  • P.G Zoology  classes will begin from Wednesday 29.08.2018. Students are requested to report at Department of Zoology at 11 am.
  • Admission notification dated 21.08.18 View details
  • Admission notification dated 20.08.18 View details
  • Admission Notification dt. 10.08.18 for Part-B View details
  • Fees structure for the Post-Graduate (Zoology) –  View Details
  • Admission Notification dated 02.08.18 for M.Sc. in Zoology – View Details

Post-Graduate in Physics:

Prof. Biswajit Adhikary 9830842634
Prof. Anirban Biswas 9433124944