Ongoing Research Projects:

Principal Investigator Department Title Funding Agency
Dr.Mitu De Botany Numerical Taxonomy of Folk Rice of West

Completed Research Projects:

Principal Investigator Department Title Funding Agency
Prof. Swapan Panda Bengali Socio-political short stories of Asim Ray UGC
Prof. Kartick Chandra Lakshman Commerce Presentation of Accounting thought XML language UGC
Prof. Kaushik Nandi Physics To Develop Porous Silicon Based Photo Luminiscence Devices UGC
Prof. Tapasi Mukherjee Philosophy Samkhya Philosophy in the Mahabharata and the Puranas UGC
Dr. Nrisinha Prasad Bhaduri Sanskrit Chaitanyadeb and Contemporary Society. UGC
Prof. Shantanu Basu Economics Concept of development at the bottom level (Case Study of Murshidabad, Bankura & Howrah District) UGC
Dr. Mousumi Das Botany Isolation and characterisation of phosphate solubilising bacteria from soils of suburban areas of Kolkata UGC
Dr. Sumona Gangopadhyay  Chemistry Kinetic studies on the redox reactions of Ruthenium complexes with 3, 5-bis (benzo-thiazol-2-yl) Pyrazole, 3,5-bis-(benzimidazole-2-yl) Pyrazole-and2,2-bipyridine as co-lig-ands UGC
Dr. Munmun Chatterjee Bengali Bichitra Patrika UGC
Dr. Goutam Kr.Pahari Botany Development of pot cultivation technique in Zingiber officinale with the help of Mycorrhiza UGC
Dr. Gopa Mukherjee History Prison memoirs of women UGC
Prof. Ripan Chandra Das Botany Biotic and abiotic factors affecting secondary metabolites production in Cynodon dactylon UGC