Sl. Name of the Faculty Educational Qualifications Specialization Designation
1 Swati Mukerji (HOD) M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D American Literature Associate Professor
2 Tanmoy Baghira M.A. Masculinity Studies, Film
Theory and Cultural Studies
Assistant Professor
3 Atabi Saha M.A. Indian Writing in English Assistant Professor
4 Swati Moitra M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. 19th Century, Gender Studies,
Book History, Cultural Studies,
New Media and Internet Cultures
Assistant Professor
5 Tanusree Nandi M.A., M.Phil. American Literature PWTT
6 Payel Ghosh M.A. Gender Studies, Subaltern
Studies, Feminist Theories
Guest Lecturer
6 Swagata Singha Roy M.A. Gender Studies, Subaltern
Studies, Feminist Theories




Name of the Faculty Topic View Detail Teaching Plan
Swati Mukerji coming soon coming soon Sem-III
Tanmoy Baghira coming soon coming soon Sem-ISem-III
Atabi Saha coming soon coming soon Sem- I & III
Swati Moitra coming soon coming soon Sem-I, Sem-III
Tanusree Nandi coming soon coming soon Sem-ISem-III
Payel Ghosh coming soon coming soon View Detail
Swagata Singha Roy coming soon coming soon Sem-ISem-III

Research activity 2015-2018

Sl. Type of publication from the Department Number
1 Full length paper 9
2 Book 1
3 Completed Research Project (Minor) 1


Departmental Activities

Students’ Seminar: The yearly student’s seminar saw two students of the first year, Nilabho Chanda, and Dipro Roy, holding forth on two presentations. The rapt audience learned about the development of the sonnet in Elizabethan England courtesy Dipro and the decline of drama in the Jacobean period in English courtesy Nilabho. The Department of English looks forward to holding more such events in the near future.

Wall magazine: The students of the department from all three years came together to produce a whimsical piece for the wall magazine that they named – The Caterpiller : A Collage of the College. It is a bright and colourful combination of photographs, art, and commentary (in both English and Bangla) on matters close to their heart.

Dr. Swati Mukerji published a book entitled ‘Societal influences in the plays of Tennessee Williams’ in January, 2018. She was also invited to present a paper in the National Seminar organized by the Tagore-Gandhi Centre for Extramural activities, Studies and Training, Rabindra Bharati University in April, 2018. Dr. Mukerji presented a paper in the International Conference organized by All India English Teachers Conference, Osmania University Hyderabad in Jan 2018. She also completed a two year
UGC Minor project in 2016.

The departmental seminar had faculty members presenting research papers and introducing students to the idea of conducting research. Faculty members from other departments of the college were also present for the occasion. Tanmoy Baghira spoke on tattoos, and their differences in various cultures. Swati Moitra spoke on the emerging discipline of book history and the cultures of reading in India, and methodologies for the same.

A parent teachers meeting was organized by the dept to discuss the progress of the first year students.