Sl. Name of the Faculty Educational Qualifications Specialization Designation
1 Ratna Das (HOD) M.Sc, Ph.D Organic Chemistry Associate Professor
2 Jolly Mahapatra M.Sc, Ph.D Physical Chemistry Associate Professor
3 Sumana Gangopadhyay M.Sc, Ph.D Inorganic Chemistry Associate Professor
4 Sujata Roy M.Sc Physical Chemistry Assistant Professor
5 Abhra Sarkar M.Sc, Ph.D Inorganic Chemistry Assistant Professor
6 Titas Biswas M.Sc, Ph.D Organic Chemistry Assistant Professor
7 Bappaditya Pal M.Sc Physical Chemistry Guest Lecturer
8 Gargi Pal M.Sc, Ph.D Organic Chemistry Guest Lecturer
9 Malay Chakraborti M.Sc Physical Chemistry Guest Lecturer
10 Mili Sarkar M.Sc, Ph.D Organic Chemistry Honorary



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 Ratna Das
Jolly Mahapatra
Sumana Gangopadhyay
Sujata Roy
Abhra Sarkar 1. Outline for Inorganic Practicals in CC-2-4-P 
2. CFT -1

3. CFT-2

4. CFT-3

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Titas Biswas 1. Tautomerism

2.  Acetylation of Aromatic Amines (Semester-II Practical)

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Bappaditya Pal
Gargi Pal
Malay Chakraborti
Mili Sarkar

Research activity 2015-2018

Sl. Type of publication from the Department Number
1 Full length Paper 5
2 Book(s) Edited 1
3 Ongoing Research Project 1


Departmental Activities

Students’ Seminar: Students’ Seminar of the department was held in May 2018.

Wall magazine ‘Rasamanjari’ – The Wall Magazine of Chemistry.
SUGC sponsored seminar “Chemistry in Human Life-Current Aspects”