Counselling on Dec 2,2019 between 12:00 and 2:00 pm.






Prof.(Dr.) Mallika Banerjee  [Dept. of  Psychology Calcutta University] will be available for counseling on Dec 2,2019 between   12:00 and 2:00 pm. Students/Teacher/Non teaching who are willing to  meet her may register their names, ……………………………………………… as the process will be purely on “first come  first serve”  basis

Still confidentiality will be   maintained, in this matter.



4th and last phase of applications UG Courses

New applications (PHASE-4) for admission to the 1st semester of 2019-20 academic session are invited for the following subjects, since a few seats are still lying vacant in each of them. Like before, applications to these subjects can be made online at the admission between 6th September, 02:00 PM and 10th September, 06:00 PM. The merit list (4th merit list) will be published on 12th September, 04:00 PM.

The subjects with vacant seats are:

(1) Biochemistry (B. Sc. Honours)
(2) Botany (B. Sc. Honours)
(3) Chemistry (B. Sc. Honours)
(4) Computer Science (B. Sc. Honours)
(5) Economics (B. Sc. Honours)
(6) Mathematics (B. Sc. Honours)
(7) Physics (B. Sc. Honours)
(8) Bengali (B. A. Honours)
(9) Journalism (B. A. Honours)
(10) Philosophy (B. A. Honours)
(11) Sanskrit (B. A. Honours)
(12) Sociology (B. A. Honours)
(13) Accounting & Finance (B. Com. Honours)
(14) Biological Science (B. Sc. General)
(15) Physical Science (B. Sc. General)