Courses General Subjects combination No. of Seats
B.Com (General) COMG (All Commerce General subjects as per C.U syllabus) 250
B.Sc. (Bio General) (a) Chemistry, Zoology, Botany 70
(b) Physics, Botany, Biochemistry
(c) Physics, Microbiology, Biochemistry
(d) Chemistry, Zoology, Microbiology
B.Sc. (Phy Sc. General) (a) Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry 70
(b) Physics, Mathematics, Computer Sc.
(c) Physics, Mathematics, Statistics
B.A. General (a) Bengali, Education, Philosophy 300
(b) Bengali, Education, Political Sc.
(c) Bengali, Education, Sanskrit
(d) Bengali, Education, Sociology
(e) Bengali, History, Political Sc.
(f) Bengali, History, Sanskrit
(g) Bengali, History, Sociology
(h) Bengali, Journalism, Political Sc.
(i) Bengali, Journalism, Sociology
(j) Bengali, Philosophy, Political Sc.
(k) Economics, Education, Philosophy
(l) Economics, Education, Political Sc.
(m) Economics, Education, Sociology
(n) Economics, History, Political Sc.
(o) Economics, History, Sociology
(p) Education, History, Philosophy
(q) Education, History, Political Sc.
(r) English, History Political Sc.
(s) English, History Sociology
(t) English, Journalism, Sociology
(u) History, Philosophy, Political Sc.
(v) History, Philosophy, Sociology


  1. Reservations of seats as per Govt. norms.
  2. Compulsory Language paper for B.A./B.Sc. (Honours) Courses: BNGM/ENGM and ENGC.
  3. Compulsory Language papers for B.Com (Honours) Course: BNGL/ENGL and CMEC.