Gurudas College, affiliated to the University of Calcutta prepares students for the Three year degree Course (Honours and General), classes for which are held between 10-05am and 5-15pm for the day section.

The academic programmes are as follows:

  1. B.A. (Hons. + General)
  2. B.Sc. (Hons. + General)
  3. B.Com. (Hons. + General)

Student may be admitted to the morning section only after seats in the day Section are filled up.

Science (Subjects offered)

  1. Biochemistry (Hons) – Self financing Course
  2. Botany (Hons.+ General)
  3. Chemistry (Hons.+ General)
  4. Computer Science – Self financing Course
  5. Economics  (Hons.+ General)
  6. Mathematics (Hons.+ General)
  7. Microbiology (Hons.+ General)- Self financing Course
  8. Physics (Hons.+ General)
  9. Zoology (Hons.+ General)
  10. Statistics (General)

Humanities (Subjects offered)

  1. Bengali (Hons.+ General)
  2. English (Hons.+ General)
  3. History (Hons.+ General)
  4. Political Science (Hons.+ General)
  5. Economics (Hons.+ General)
  6. Philosophy (General)
  7. Sanskrit (General)
  8. Sociology (General)
  9. Journalism & Mass Communication (Hons.+ General) – Self financing Course
  10. Education (General)

Commerce: (Subjects offered)

  1. Honours in Accounting & Finance.
  2. General

Compulsory Subjects (For all Courses)

  • In Part-I: English, Modern Indian Language (Bengali / Alt.English)
  • In Part III: Environmental Studies.